How to build a Simple Backyard Primitive Rocket Stove out of Mud . Cost next to nothing and works great…


This video shows the build of a Primitive Rocket Stove build out of mud. This uses convection to draw oxygen into the fire for a faster, cleaner burn. A rocket stove burns the sticks and twigs that fall from trees around our yards, making the fuel source FREE and renewable.This makes the rocket stove a tool for green living, allowing the reduction of electricity consumption…lowering our power bill a little each time it is used.This stove is made of a mixture of clay and sand, called cob, is a more environmental alternative to concrete. The clay and sand were found materials and therefore FREE! And since I had the forms on-hand, this stove cost next to nothing to make.

Watch the DIY Homemade Primitive Rocket Stove out of Mud Video