DIY Video : How to build a Simple Homemade Wind Generator from Old Ceiling Fan ,Microwave Oven Parts ,Old TV Antenna and other free junk

This video shows you how to build a DIY Wind Generator using Old Ceiling Fan parts ,Microwave Oven Parts ,Old TV Antenna and other free junk that is laying around. Small wind turbines are electric generators that use the energy of the wind to produce clean, emissions-free power for individual homes.Everyone can generate their own power and cut their energy bills while helping to protect the environment. Unlike utility-scale turbines, small turbines can be suitable for use on properties as small as one acre of land in most areas of the country.Small-scale renewable energy is a must for a sustainable home.Using only a ceiling fan, a microwave oven, and a few other spare parts, you will be able to make your very own homemade wind generator.

The materials you need for this project are A Ceiling Fan – This will be used to create the wings and the center for your wind turbine.Fiberglass Wings – You can use these to extend the length of your ceiling fan wings. These are optional.Scrap Pipe – Used pipe to extend the turbine.A Welder – You will need this to weld the parts together.An Old Office Chair – Use the frame of the office chair to build the base for the wind generator.Magnets – These magnets will spin against the transformer to create current.An Old Microwave – You will take out the transformer from the microwave to use for your wind generator.Battery – The battery will be used to store energy that is created from your wind generator.TV Tower Stand – This will be used to build up the wind generator.One Old Tire – Use the axle of the tire to create a sturdy base for the wind generator.

Watch the DIY Homemade Wind Generator built from Old Ceiling Fan