How to build a Simple and Quick Emergency Water Distillation Still . Portable,cheap and efficient

This video shows a quick way to build an Emergency Water distillation Still for emergency situations or for your bugout bag.This portable still removes biological, salt and heavy metal contamination from drinking water. Distillation is often the preferred method of water treatment in developing countries where water is heavily contaminated. The still is perfect for situations where you need to walk on foot. The still is made by putting an upside-down stainless steel funnel over a pot of boiling water as a lid. Ideally the pot is designed for cooking, but in an emergency any metal container, such as a soda can, maybe used. In emergency situations, if you don’t have the parts, improvise with trash. For example, boil dirty water in an empty can ; make the still from aluminum foil; collect clean water in a plastic cooking bag.

Watch the DIY Emergency Water Distillation Still build video