How to build Simple Solar Panels at Home from start to finish.Step by step Complete Video Instructions


This video shows in detail on How to make Custom Solar Panels at home.The panel designed is 6v/3.6A/21.6w (max) and can be used an a single “stand alone” panel or as part of a “3 panel set”.3 of these homemade panels hooked in SERIES gives you a very similar voltage and power output to the 3 panel set that harbor freight sells and works great for charging 12 volt deep cycle batteries.This works great to power up computer case fans and also great for charging up most modern electronic devices. the panels’ six volt output and 3.6A (3600ma) should give a solid charge to most all of them.The cells are bought from ebay.A single panel would be roughly 45 to 48 bucks ~ $25 (for kit) $13 (lumber) $5 (glass), plus misc. items.

Watch the DIY Homemade Custom Solar Panel build Video