This video shows the step by step build of a The Steel Downspout Solar Air Heater.This easy to make, sustains hot temps (130-140F+) and has a 3 speed fan for extra temperature regulation.The collector is similar to a metal can solar heater but uses steel rain gutter “downspout pipe” instead. one advantage; makes it easy to add extra thermal mass down the downspouts to add significant thermal mass.The downspout used is pretty standard (2″ x 3″ and made of galvanized steel) and a 1 1/4″ hole saw was used to drill the inlet holes at bottom. No external batteries required, you just use a small solar panel. that way the fan kicks on when the sun is shining and heating the collector box (and off when it’s not).

Watch the DIY homemade easy to make Solar Thermal Air Heater build


Let’s say you’ve chopped down a tree on your property and cleaned up all of the pieces except for that unsightly stump. Instead of trying methods that will either break your wallet or potentially break your back, you could also try removing the stump by burning it.This video series shows 2 different setups of a Waste Oil powered Tree Stump Burner.This burner is made of a broken washing machine, a bucket, an electric radiator fan, a bucket of used tranny fluid, and the handyman’s secret weapon, duct tape.The second design uses a Vacuum Cleaner blower ,waste oil vaporization unit and a gear pump.

Watch the DIY Homemade Waste Oil Tree Stump Burner Build


This 12 part video series shows the step by step build of an awesome looking Homemade Foundry furnace .This burner will burn pretty much any kind of oil that you throw at it. A lot of people burn waste oil – both motor oil and vegetable oil. The build begins with fabricating a steel base to build the furnace on out of channel iron and then move on to mixing some refractory and lay down the base of the furnace.After that we work on getting all of the forms built and ready for pouring the main refractory lining of the furnace and then install the hinge to allow the lid of the furnace to be swung out of the way to grant access to remove the crucible from the furnace.The last few videos shows the design and build of the burner used for the foundry furnace and insulating the furnace with a ceramic blanket.

Watch the DIY Waste Veg/Engine Oil powered foundry furnace build


Without an air purifier your house can collect a lot of dust and other problems, but purifiers aren’t cheap. If you’re on a budget, you can create a simple DIY purifier.This is easy to make and it’s very efficient. It’s the best way to fight particulate air pollution, dust, smoke, etc. without spending a fortune.All it takes to have cleaner air in your home is a 20 inch box fan, furnace filter, and 4 zip ties. This project is super simple for anyone to do and you will breath in the results immediately. If you have allergies or live in a city, you should consider building this relatively inexpensive high performance box fan air filters.

Watch the DIY Simple and cheap Homemade Air purification system build


This video shows a DIY Radiant Floor Heating System setup from start to finish.Radiant heating systems supply heat directly to the floor or to panels in the wall or ceiling of a house. The systems depend largely on radiant heat transfer, the delivery of heat directly from the hot surface to the people and objects in the room via infrared radiation.Quiet and economical, radiant heating is a great choice for anyone who wants comfortable warmth along with the cost savings of energy efficiency.The principle of convection is what distributes the heat. This is the natural heat circulation caused by heat rising from the floor. Radiant floor heating systems are different from the radiant panels or traditional radiators that are used in walls and ceilings. Radiant floor space heating provides a room with uniform temperature from the floor to the ceiling.

Watch the DIY Homemade Radiant Floor Heating System Build


Getting ready for winter can be a big chore, especially if you chop your own wood for heat and fireplace esthetics.A Wood splitter can make the task a lot quicker and easier. Plus, you can save some serious cash by building a new one for yourself.This kinetic log splitter use a hefty flywheel system that stores energy from the engine in spinning flywheels, releasing it in one burst to pop through logs with record speed. No waiting for the ram to slowly press its way through a log, and then painstakingly retract itself.This build  can split logs up to three feet long. Much faster than a hydraulic splitter but it does not have as much power for splitting extremely knotty, tough or cross grain wood.Added benefits are less maintenance, less mess, and less backstrain!

Watch the DIY Homemade  Kinetic Wood Splitter Build Video


Knowing how to build a bailer bucket/pump  can help sustain you and your family in an emergency crisis.This video shows the build of a Well bucket or bailer bucket is used for getting water out of a well. It can be made to any size you like. And is good to have in an emergency when you need to get water from a well if you have no other means of getting to the water. I made this bucket for around 25 to 35 dollars. I already had the pipe so it cost me about 25 dollars.Electricity fails, and hand pumps break, but a bailer bucket always draws water.

Watch the DIY homemade Emergency  PVC Well Bucket  build


This video shows a simple yet extremely effective way to have lighting, heating, communications, and much more during an extended power outage by building a step by step Battery Bank Backup System.They don’t require a huge investment in time or money. In a black-out or power outage they just might save your life or the life of a family member. In a stressful environment they will offer you the ability to keep up to day with news, watch tv, surf the web and many other amenities.This is so cheap and easy, there is no excuse for every home in America not to have this!

Watch the DIY Homemade Emergency Power Backup System build


This video shows step by step in detail the build of a simple backyard Water Filtration and purification System .This is a simple type of water purification system that uses sand, gravel, gravity and some simple engineering to purify water contaminated with biologics and some chemicals.As water flows through the filter, physical straining removes pathogens, iron, turbidity and manganese from drinking water. A shallow layer of water sits atop the sand and a biofilm. The biofilm contributes to the removal of pathogens due to predation and competition for food of non-harmful microorganisms contained in the biofilm and the harmful organisms in the water.Turn non-potable water into quality drinking water with this inexpensive Water filter.

Watch the DIY Homemade Bio-sand Water Filtration System Build


This video shows how to build your own high performance RV filter system that can not only filter out bad taste but even remove 99.999% of harmful water borne bacteria that can make you very sick.The filter are cheap to replace, easy to service and if you break it, inexpensive to repair. My system is far more flexible in what you can do with it and the best part is that it is easily transferrable one RV to the next and you can even install it in your home if you decide to sell your RV!

Watch the DIY Easy and Inexpensive RV Water filtration system build


This video shows the build of a really inexpensive DIY tree Mount Dual Tripwire “Low Tech” Intruder Alert System using materials that are easily available.Whether you need to secure the perimeter of your home, camp site, the tripwire alarm will get the job done. In a survival situation trip wire alarms could come in handy to secure your perimiter. If you are camping in the wilderness they could alert you to unwanted animals such as a bear. These trip wire alarms may even scare them away. For your home they will warn you if vandals, or prowlers come onto your property.

Watch the DIY Tripwire Intruder Alert Security System Build


This video series shows in detail how to setup a Complete Off the grid living System by using wind and solar to make your own power for everyday living .This is great for folks who are tired of the government ripping them apart and those who would like to escape the city life and enjoy real life around the woods,mountains and the rivers.The series begins with a video that shows a rough back down on a off grid system.The next set of videos shows how to set up a Wind turbine ,solar system and an offgrid hot water system along with managing the batteries.

Watch the DIY Complete Off the grid living System Setup series


This video shows the build of an extremely useful crank generator which I make from a modified dishwasher motor. Perfect for supplying power or charging batteries at a remote campsite or bunker. This unit can easily be modified to connect to a bicycle. Power output is either a 12V regulated supply(Up to 3 full amps), an unregulated output, as well as a provision for charging a 100F supercapacitor bank.This project can be certainly handy if you’re needing an off grid power supply.If you connected the large wheel to a bicycle, then you could easily charge a lead acid deep cycle battery. The purpose of the capacitor bank is to store the energy for short term use, using a battery would be good for long term storage

Watch the DIY homemade Dishwasher Motor Emergency Generator build


This video series  shows how you can make your own generators by recycling materials that is usually thrown away like an old cordless drills or hard drives.The first part of the series shows the in’s and out’s of hacking Old cordless drills and building a hand cranked generator out of them.The second and third part shows how to take part old hard disk drives and platters and turn that into a Tesla turbine and a solar reflector .The fourth video goes over how you can use old hard drive platters for Hydrogen hho production.

Watch the DIY Homemade Generator build out of scrap drills and hard drives series

This complete and detailed video shows you how to setup a Small system Solar Power for a Long term Power Outages or if you...