This Video shows how to make a manual, hand operated water pump at home, with a PVC tube, and a few small extras.The build uses 4 Inch PVC pipe that was intially found from a scrap yard.You need to some wood to make the plug for the bottom part and some more to make a plunger with a handle.This build overall uses hand powered tools which is readily available in every house to cut and drill.You’ll need additional Saw,rasp,drill,nails,screws and some plastic.A very low tech hands on build but cheap and useful .

Watch the DIY Manual Hand Operated Water Pump Build Video 


This video shows the setup of an ultimate Bug-Out truck it can run on wood, trash, grass and even cow manure. It also still functions on gasoline. This truck is set up to run a large generator on wood when the truck is not in use.This system can be easily shut down like any other wood stove just close the air intake and the gas output pipes and the stove chocks off like any other.Thistruck get’s about 1.6-1.8 mpp (mile’s per pound) of juniper wood this may increase with a longer burning hard wood.So let’s say a cord of juniper weigh’s 2000 pound’s (just a guess) then I would get 3400-3600 miles on a cord of wood.

Watch the DIY Wood Powered Bug out Vehicle Video


This 2 part Video series shows how to build a 6 inch Rocker stove heater made out of an old 55 Gallon Drum .This is actually a rocket mass heater with the heater riser and burning tube inside the barrel and exhaust on the side.Apart from the drum, you will need a Vogelzang Barrel Stove bracket which is attached to the exhaust pipe.You will also need some cutting and drilling tools to undertake this project .There is also a burn test as well as heating a 30×30 foot workshop videos added.

Watch this video series on building a 55 gallon drum mass rocket stove heater from scratch

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This is a beginners video guide which shows how easy and cheap it is to make Homemade Ethanol Fuel using simple materials that you find around your house.The first part of the video shows ethanol fermentation using yeast and hot water.The second part shows the distillation process of ethanol.The only required products need for this project are some sugar and yeast. Really Simple !!

Watch the 2 Part Simple DIY Homemade Ethanol Fuel Build Video

This is a 3 Part series on building a simple Homemade Sawdust Burner Water heater.This series shows a complete setup of burner and auger and the heater .The first video shows the setting up of the burner needed which runs on sawdust,pellets and on wood chips.The second video shows how you can make an auger for the sawdust burner just made.The auger is made of washers,to power this auger i use 12v dc motor and gear box i made.The last video shows how you can setup the burner and the auger to work with the heater.

Watch this 3 part Video series on building a sawdust powered Water heater


In this video I demonstrate how to build a bicycle generator from start to finish. I go step by step through the process of building the project from the ground up.It is a great prep to have and will keep your battery bank charged up as long as you do your part pedaling the unit.The things required are Bike,DC Voltmeter with no external power supply needed,Electric tape and zip ties,Alligator clips ,14 gauge wire about 20 foot ,blocking diode,3/4 wire loom about 5 to 6 feet of it for wire protection,1/4 wire loom about 5 to 6 feet of it to protect wire leads going to voltmeter,About 14 feet of angle iron or shelving bracket iron for frame build.The second video  demonstrates how to modify the bicycle generator build so that the unit can be made portable to take on the go in an emergency.

Watch this Homemade Portable Bicycle Generator Step by Step video

This 2 part DIY Video shows how you can build an extremely efficient, low maintenance and easy to clean Waste Oil Burner Heater.A used smog pump from a junk yard (5 bucks) pulses the air at a low pressure atomizes the oil keeping all the heat in the heater NOT out the chimney.This burner setup can be used in most any wood burning stove. The more air tight the stove is the more efficient it will be.The nice thing about this design is being able to control the room temp, not having to shut it off & re-light it! It don’t sound like much but it was a challenge to be able to idle it without a flame out condition. After your room is up to temp it uses very little oil.The 2 video shows an upgraded version of the heater.

Watch this Video on making an quality homemade waste oil burner heater

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The cool DIY video shows how you can produce hot water the off grid way using thermo siphoning process.I built a water heater out of used parts and used a Stovetec Rocket stove to start the thermo siphoning process.A thermo-siphon system requires neither pump nor controller. The system rely on the principle that hot water rises, and cooler water sinks. Adding absorbing fins to the collector flow-tubes, helps collect more heat to the flow-tubes. As the sun heats the water in the collector during the daylight hours, it will rise to the tank above it.


Watch this DIY on making endless hot water using thermo siphoning process.

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Homemade “Steel Can” Solar Air Heater. made with STEEL CANS. produces consistent flow of hot (140F+) air.This thing moves a LOT of hot air. air enters through vents at the bottom of collector and is heated as it’s pulled up through all seven columns of cans. the fan also draws heated air from the airspace surrounding the cans. all the cans are either soup or vegetable cans.

Watch How to make homemade “Steel Can ” Solar Air heater

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In this video I show step by step how to build a solar powered portable solar air heater that can be placed in a window or taken on the go as well.The materials needed for this build are 5 Watt panel from ebay option for just about any size 12 volt computer fan,radioshack for the solar panels and for 12 volt CPU fans. Just type in either solar panels or computer cooling fans in the search bar on their website which ever you want to buy or both.

Watch the homemade Solar Powered Portable Solar Air Heater Build

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