A solar water heater is a great project to work on if you want to reduce your water bills. Simply by harnessing the power of the sun, you will be able to heat your water for free, just by cutting down on your energy bills.

This is an easy project that anyone can do.No pumps or controls, completely passive.We start with the glass from old sliding glass doors and use a water heater as storage tank.Have hot water even if the power is out and save $30 a month on power bill.

The materials needed for this build are Old Water Tank – This will be used to store your water as it is heated up.
Black Paint – Primer and heat resistant black paint will be used on the tank and interior,Tempered Glass – The larger the better. An old sliding glass door would be perfect for this,2-3 2×4’s And Plywood- This will be used to construct the frame that contains the tank,Miter Saw – Use this to cut the 2×4’s and plywood for the frame.
Nail Gun – To put the frame together.

The steps mentioned in the video :

The first part of this project is to find the materials. Start with an old water tank. It does not have to be in the best shape since you are going to paint it later. As long as it is solid, it will work for this project. If it has any holes or attachments that you do not need, make sure you plug them up. Remove the casing and scrape away the foam. We want to be left with a tank that is a thin layer of metal so that the sun can heat up the water inside of it.

Once the tank is prepared, use a coat of primer on it and paint it with black heat resistant paint. This will absorb more of the sunlight, heating up the water even further. While you allow it to dry, move on to building the frame of the tank.

Before you begin constructing the frame, find out what angle the sunlight hits you. In order to maximize the heat that our water heater collects, we want to make sure the angle of the glass face matches the angle of the sun so it receives as much direct sunlight as possible. This will vary depending on your location. If you live in the US, you will want to mount it at roughly 30°.

Once you have the correct angle figured out, begin constructing your frame with the 2×4’s. Encase the frame with plywood and mount the tempered glass on the front of the frame. Once the plywood is secured, paint the entire frame black. This, again, will absorb more of the sunlight, making your water that much hotter.

Once all the paint has dried, place your tank inside of it. Cut out holes in the back side of the plywood to allow for the water pipes to flow in and out of it. Place the frame and tank in an area that will receive direct sunlight throughout the day and you can enjoy your solar powered hot water heater.

A solar water heater like this will save you roughly $30 per month. It should raise the temperature of the water from a normal 70°, all the way up to 140° on your standard sunny day. It’s an easy project that will save you hundreds of dollars, in the long run, thanks to the free solar power that you are harnessing to eat your water.

Watch this Step by step Solar Water Heater DIY Video

In this video we will show you how to build a solar cube that doubles as both a window box solar heater and a sun oven. The materials you need for this project are Greenhouse solar panels – You will use these solar panels to create a greenhouse cube that will let sunlight and heat in.Sunshade – Find a sunshade with a reflective side you can use to reflect the sunlight.Black Spray Paint – You will use a black paint to spray one side of the sunshade black.Thermometer – Use the thermometer to gauge the temperature inside the cube..Oven Rack – Use the rack to allow the heated air to flow underneath the pot as you are cooking.Plywood – You can use plywood or another material to use as a base.Hinges, Screws, Screw Gun – You will use these items to secure the cube together.

This is a great multipurpose solution for anyone that wants to stay off the grid with both their cooking and heating. As long as you have a good location to place it in, you should be able to use it to reduce your energy bill significantly.


Watch Window Box Solar Heater build video

This Video shows one of the most efficient wood stove on the planet it will make gasoline run a generator and a propane fridge, heats hot water and your home at the same time.This Stove can burn all paper and plastic trash, cow dung, wood, grass and even dry human waste plus just about every other dry organic compound. The bio-digester manure can be burnt after it produces methane for you and used as Syn-Gas.To construct a perfect wood stove, you have to collect all the important components, with which the device should be built up. You’ll need Barrel,Stovepipe,Driller,Braces,Welding gloves.Generally, it is said that the efficiency of wood may vary from one model to another. However, still, with the above method, you can design the best stove, which can not only operate a generator and fridge but also forms gasoline. If your stove is in hotter condition, it may be easier to break down the fuel into smaller particles at the time of burning.

Watch the homemade DIY Multipurpose Wood Stove build Video

This video shows you How to recycle your Waste motor oil,transmission oil or any waste fuel into 100% Re-Usable Fuel.Instead of throwing away that used motor oil and fuel, you can reuse it. By using a centrifuge, you will be able to extract all of the impurities out from the fuel using centrifugal force. It is more effective that a filter in getting the micro-particles out, and it is completely safe to reuse in your vehicle.

The materials needed for this project are Motor Oil – You will be using the centrifuge to convert used waste motor oil to clean fuel that you can reuse,Centrifuge – This will spin the motor oil and extract the impurities from it.Buckets – You will use the buckets to collect the waste and cleaned motor oil. Generator – The centrifuge will use a lot of power. You are going to need a generator in order to run it. Typically, 220 V will be enough to run the centrifuge.Spatula – You will use the spatula to clean the centrifuge and get all of the leftover gunk out of the cylinder to prepare it for another use.


Watch the waste motor oil recycling video

In this video tutorial, we are going to show you how you can make your very own homemade portable solar generator. This type of generator is easy to make and it’s best suited for running electronics that have very low energy needs.

The more solar panels you have to hook up to this generator, the more power you are going to be able to generate from it. The beauty of this design is that it will work no matter how many solar panels you have to use. Even if you have one solar panel, it will still work, although it will only power very small devices. Likewise, you can add more solar panels as you go without having to change too much with the generator.

The basic materials needed for this build are Power Center Box – This will be used to house the battery and all the connections that lead to the solar panels and the adapters that you will connect your electronics too

,A Battery – A car battery or something similar will do. The battery will store the energy that is collected from the solar panels.Battery Cables – You will use the cables to connect the battery and power center box to the solar panels.

A Charge Controller – The charge controller will connect to the battery, the solar panels, and the front of the power center box,Solar Panels – The number of solar panels you use are optional. The more solar panels you use, the more powerful your solar generator will be.

Cigarette Lighter – You can use the cigarette lighter to connect many small electrons that are designed to be used in your car such as a charger or small lights and fans.

Anderson Poll Connectors – You can use Anderson Poll Connectors to bypass the solar energy and use the energy stored from the battery directly.Anderson Poll to Cigarette Lighter Adapter – This will allow you to use the generator at night. You can connect your electronics through the cigarette lighter and use the energy stored in the battery.

The basic steps outlined in the video :

Building the solar generator is very straightforward. The first thing you need to do is to find a power center box will be able to case the battery that you will be using. The ideal power center box should have the proper amount of space for the battery, wires, and ports for the Anderson poll connectors and cigarette lighter adapters.

If you are missing any of these, you can cut out holes and install them yourself. This is a homemade generator, remember. It is not going to look perfect.

Next, it is time to connect everything together. The charge controller is the link between each of the different components in this generator. Run your cable from the solar panels to the charge controller, run cables from the charge controller to the battery, and run cables from the charge controller to the front to your Anderson pole connector ports.
Once everything is connected, point your solar panels to the sun and your battery will begin charging. Plug in a small device to ensure that your generator is working.

A portable solar generator like this is a great little device to have around. While it doesn’t produce a lot of power, it’s good for running electronics that use low levels of power, such as radios, fans, lights and it will even trickle charge your phone.

   Watch how to build a  homemade Portable Solar Generator from  start to finish

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