How to build a Homemade Saw Mill Out of an Old Golf Cart. Very Clear Instructions !!

This do-it-yourself video shows you how to convert a 10-12 Horsepower old Golf cart into a band sawmill.It took me around 8 hours to make and $280 worth of steel.

The saw blade cost $68 with shipping and around $30 for the paint.Surprisingly enough, a golf cart will give you virtually all of the components that you will need to make your very own homemade sawmill. This is a great way that you can make your very own sawmill that works perfectly for a fraction of the cost.

The materials needed for this project are Golf Cart – You can use any golf carts that has a working engine on it. For this tutorial, we used an engine that had 11 hp. Anything around that range will work perfectly for this.
Saw Band – This will be used to cut through the wood.Gas Can – Used to feed gas into the motor.Welder – To cut through the frame of the golf cart during disassembly.Steel Cutting Blade – To cut through the frame for the construction of the sawmill.Wheel Bearings – Used to roll the sawmill across the rail.Cable And Crank – Used to raise and lower the blade of the sawmill.

The steps found in the video :

Putting together a sawmill from a golf cart is not an easy task, but it certainly does pay off if you are able to do it. The first thing you will need to do, of course, is to find a golf cart that you don’t mind taking apart. The ideal golf cart should have at least two healthy wheels and an engine that runs at least 10 hp or higher. An old golf cart that you no longer use would be a perfect sacrifice for this saw.

Once you have a golf cart, begin disassembling it. Remove the body first. Next, take out the gas tank and battery. Once that is removed, you can remove the engine and transmission all in one piece. Take off the wheels and move on to the frame. Using your welder, start cutting apart the frame. You are going to use some of the frame for the rail so it’s important to use as few cuts as possible. Once the golf cart is completely disassembled, you can begin constructing your sawmill.

Using your steel cutting blade, cut pieces out of the frame out to construct a new frame that will contain the engine and transmission. Next, use the rest of the frame to create a rail that the saw is pushed through. At the base of the saw frame, secure wheels so that you can push the sawmill through the wood as it cuts.

Mount a front and back wheel on the front of the saw frame and secure a saw band around it. As the engine spins the wheel, the wheels will turn the saw band at high speeds, so that it can easily cut through the wood.

Next, install the cable and crank so that you will be able to make adjustments to the height of the sawmill. When you crank it up, the cables will pull the engine higher and push down against the wheels to adjust the height of the cut.Mount the gas can above to fuel the engine. Finally, place the engine and frame on top of the rail and you are ready to begin cutting.

Building a sawmill like this will open up a whole new world of different woodworking projects that you can do. This is a time intensive weekend project that will allow you to turn your unused golf cart into a much more useful sawmill.

Watch this conversion of an old golf cart into a sawmill DIY video