Cool DIY Video : How to Generate Free Energy by building a Portable Bicycle Generator from scratch . Complete Build Step by Step Videos


In this video I demonstrate how to build a bicycle generator from start to finish. I go step by step through the process of building the project from the ground up.It is a great prep to have and will keep your battery bank charged up as long as you do your part pedaling the unit.The things required are Bike,DC Voltmeter with no external power supply needed,Electric tape and zip ties,Alligator clips ,14 gauge wire about 20 foot ,blocking diode,3/4 wire loom about 5 to 6 feet of it for wire protection,1/4 wire loom about 5 to 6 feet of it to protect wire leads going to voltmeter,About 14 feet of angle iron or shelving bracket iron for frame build.The second video  demonstrates how to modify the bicycle generator build so that the unit can be made portable to take on the go in an emergency.

Watch this Homemade Portable Bicycle Generator Step by Step video