Cool DIY Video : Generate your own Off-grid Power Backup by Building a Small Portable Solar Power Solution for $150. Complete Build Instructions !!


    This Simple Do it yourself project shows how you create your backup power plan by building a Small Solar Solution with a budget of $150.This is a portable solar solution that you can put in your vehicle or leave in your home for emergency use.This system is scaled for short term usage, and can power several LED lights, a fan, or any other small 12 volt device. You can even charge a cell phone, GPS, or AA/AAA batteries. Additionally, you can add more solar panels and another battery to this smallsystem, without having to upgrade the enclosure or charge controller.By building your own solar system, you can save 2-3 times the amount of money required to purchase an off the shelf solution. This system also has more capability than a hiking solar kit, since it provides reserve power, which means you can continue to recharge batteries and run 12 volt devices even when the solar panels are not generating power. The budget for this system is $150

    Watch this Simple Solar Solution Complete Build DIY Video