How to build 55 gallon Drum 6″ Rocket stove Heater from start to finish

This 2 part Video series shows how to build a 6 inch Rocker stove heater made out of an old 55 Gallon Drum .This is actually a rocket mass heater with the heater riser and burning tube inside the barrel and exhaust on the side.

Apart from the drum, you will need a Vogelzang Barrel Stove bracket which is attached to the exhaust pipe.You will also need some cutting and drilling tools to undertake this project .There is also a burn test as well as heating a 30×30 foot workshop videos added.

A list of the materials required for building a 55-gallon drum rocket stove heater are A Voksing barrel stove bracket in order to attach the exhaust pipes. There are many ways to do this, but the most efficient would be to also use a Voksing barrel stove bracket to attach the burn chamber.• A 55-gallon drum barrel (as the name makes it obvious).A grinder wheel to cut into the drum.Furnace cement for attachment purpose.,A box of self-tapping ½ inch hex screws.Pearlite and Sodium Bentonite

The steps mentioned in the video :

Measure the outer diameter of the bracket and mark it onto the side of the drum.Cut a bit of the marking using the grinder wheel.Put furnace cement onto the sides of the bracket holder and attach it aligning to the mark made on the drum.

Cut of the remaining portion of the marked circle on the drum and attach a mesh wiring on the opening.Attach the bracket onto this opening which will act as the inlet pipe.Make a mixture of half fireclay Sodium Bentonite and half Pearlite in a bucket which will serve as your insulating mix.

Attach the riser tube at the center of the drum aligning it perfectly with the inlet pipe. Make a hollow circular cutting greater in diameter than the riser tube by a few centimeters, which will make for an insulating mix holder for the riser tube.

Put the insulating mix into the drum.Attach an exhaust pipe on the other side of the drum.Provide a source of fire in the inlet pipe and watch your rocket stove fire up.

Rocket stove heaters save you the extra expense of a lot of wood and provide more efficient heating than you have ever known. Therefore, it will be very beneficial to learn how to make your own rocket stove heater with a 55-gallon drum and a 6-inch-long pipe.

Watch this video series on building a 55 gallon drum mass rocket stove heater from scratch