Cool DIY Video: How to build an efficient 12/24V Off Grid Water Well Pump from Free Scrap


    I thought this info could be useful for people trying to get water from a well or lake in a location where hydro was not available. You can buy large inverters and 12v pumps but this is just a cheap way of doing this, if find an old rechargeable lawn mower and jet pump on the curbside you can build this. I build everything out of find junk that would have gone to landfill or scarped, at least these useful parts can now have a new lease on life.I have modified an old jet pump used for pumping water from wells to a belt drive unit so I could run it on a low watt generator. The generator will not power the original pump so I modified it to belt drive and hooked up a quarter horse power motor to it. The smaller motor will start up with my generator

    Watch the offgrid water well build Video