Cool DIY Video : How to convert your Old Weed Eater engine into a 2 Cycle Steam Engine for under $50


    This Video shows the conversion process of a scrap weed eater into a 2 cycle steam engine.To make this project you need three components: a boiler, an engine, and a generator.You will also need a ¾ brass check valve, a pushrod, and miscellaneous plumbing bits and pieces.The idea is to create a single acting steam engine (meaning the steam only acts on one side of the piston), by using a pushrod inserted through the spark plug hole to push open a the check valve when the piston is at Top Dead Center (TDC) so the steam will push the piston down just like the gas explosion does when it was a internal combustion engine.Converting a steam engine in this manner is relatively cheap costing at most fifty bucks.

    Watch the DIY  video on converting a scrap weedeater into Steam Engine