Cool DIY Video : How to build an “Earthbag/SuperAdobe” House . An Alternative and Inexpensive Survival Shelter…


    This Video shows the inexpensive construction of a alternative kind of a survival shelter called Earthbag or SuperAdobe.This house uses “adobe” (damp dirt, clay and sand) packed earthbag house construction – installing barbwirein tubes of continuous polymer bag. Earthbag construction is an inexpensive method to create structures which are both strong and can be quickly built. It is a natural building technique that evolved from historic military bunker construction techniques and temporary flood-control dike building methods. The technique requires very basic construction materials: sturdy sacks, filled with inorganic material usually available on site. Standard earthbag fill material has internal stability. Either moist subsoil that contains enough clay to become cohesive when tamped, or an angular gravel or crushed volcanic rock is used.

    Watch this Video on construction of an Earthbag/Sandbag/SuperAdobe  House step by step