Cool DIY VIdeo : How to Power LED’s using the force of Gravity


    A gravity light is a light (one or more LEDs) that is powered for a useful amount of time by a slowly falling object, or mass. My masses are 15.3 liters/4 US gallons of water, and I’m using 3 LEDs as a reading light. The drop height is 4 feet/1.2 meters. Once the object has fallen all the way, you simply lift it back up and the light is lit again.The lights were three of the LEDs (shown below) which I bought on ebay. They are 10 watt, 9-12 volts, pure white 800-900 lumens. A single LED starts to turn on above around 8 volts, which leads me to think they’re actually made of many smaller LEDs connected in series

    Watch this DIY Video on making a simple Gravity Driven Generator that can power LED’s