Cool DIY Video : How to Build a Homemade DC Generator out of an Old Cordless drill


    This Video shows how you can use cordless drills as Generators.In this video you can see how the motor and gearbox can be used to generate low voltage dc. When turned with a small hand crank from a fishing reel. 6v 12v and 18v cordless drills are tested. You can also see how to modify gearboxes that have reverse torque protection. Sometimes a necessary modification to use a variable speed drill motor as a generator. I also have a quick look at how the speed control works.Current from the 18v drill after gearbox mod. maxed out at 3.5 amps. The current sense resistor in my meter measures at 2.2 ohms. So 3.5a/2.2ohms= 1.6v 1.6v @ 3.5a is a respectable 5.6 watts of power.

    Watch this Video on converting a Cordless Drill into a low Voltage DC Generator