Cool DIY Video : How to build a Mini Wind Turbine out of a PC Fan.


    Have stacks of old computer equipment gathering dust ? Now you can put some of it to use! This DIY project shows you how to use PC fans as mini wind turbines, for recharging solar lights and ni-cads. You’ll need some basic soldering skills, but this is otherwise a very easy project.The little wind generator makes around 1.5 – 2V in a 8mph wind, about 20ma into a ni-cad.The materials required are Old PC fan, bigger the better,few wires,a piece of wood about 1.5″ square and around 20cm long,Two lengths of steel tubing that slide inside of each other, about 1/2,Epoxy,Super Glue,Zip ties and an old CD.

    Watch this Homemade Mini Wind Generator made out of PC fan DIY video