DIY Video : How to dig a Shallow Well by hand . Step by step instructions ..

This video shows setting up a Hand Dug Well from start to finish. I used a “fence post auger” to drill this well.Most of the materials can be bought from your local garages or market, but in case you have issues finding them, you can always look for them online.Nonetheless, you will need:Fence post auger, preferably one that adjusts to 8 inches,3 inches PVC pipes for casting,5 four-foot extensions and collars,1.5 inch PVC pipes as the drop pipe,Foot valve,Hand pump,A few sacks of pea gravel.Start digging with a sturdy shovel and make sure that the hole is around eight inches. After you have dug for about a minute or so, put in the fence post auger in the hole and dig for about eight feet.•As you keep digging, you may need to start adding the extensions using the collars on your fence post auger, as the whole will continue to get deeper.If you hit the top of the water table, keep on digging.

At this point it, will get a little harder because the land will be slidy and muddy.Once that is done, cut a bunch of slots using a blade on a four feet casing pipe. Inside this casing will be the smaller pipes that will pick up the water.Now get your pump ready by attaching it to the smaller pipe with the collar on one end and the foot valve on the other end.Now, take the casing and put it in the hole that you have dug, leaving a fair amount of space around it.Add pea gravel to this space from the water table to around half of the length of the hole. You can fill the rest of the cavity with the dirt that you unearthed.Now carefully put in the pump assortment inside the casing pipe. You can use hose clips and metal clamps to hold the entire assortment in place, and even decide to make a concrete slab around it for a permanent setting, and later remove the clips and the clamps.It’s outside, there is not enough in the house, so what do you do? Well, this may be the perfect time to learn how to make a shallow well at home using your hands using simple and inexpensive everyday materials, learn how to in a few steps.

Watch the video on how to build a Shallow Well by hand