Cool DIY Video : How to build a simple and efficient Homemade Emergency Mini Gasifier System using only Pedal Power


    This video series shows the simple build of the “Drizzler” Mini Gasifier.This produces tarfree gas together with a basic simple fuel feed technique.This Drizzler gasifier is based on restricting the amount of fuel being gasified to that which is in the immediate vicinity of the pyrolysis zone, that is, no “full” hopper above, you eliminate the excessive tars being produced. By keeping the tars being produced to an absolute minimum, these tars are quite handily cracked by the pyrolysis zone and voila…engine grade gas.The second video shows the flaring of the gasifier and the third shows how to start the gasifier using pedal power.A simple project that may come handy in a Grid down situation.

    Watch the DIY Homemade Pedal Powered Gasifier System Build Videos