Cool DIY Video : How to build a Survival Coffee Maker using 2 Old light bulbs


    This DIY video shows you how to convert crackly old lightbulbs into a fully functional coffee maker.The post-apocalyptic coffee maker is heated by fire, which brings the water to a boil. After that happens, the coffee starts brewing through the confusing contraption until you’ve got a fresh- brewed cup of java waiting for you inside a bulb.By heating water from the bottom bulb (water chamber) with flame, all water from the bottom goes on the top and starts to mix with the coffee grounds. After judging that coffee has reached the right color and strength, turn off the flame and watch the brewed coffee vacuum down, back to the bottom bulb. Coffee that comes down is very clean and very interesting to taste.

    Watch the DIY Survival Coffee Maker made out of Old Light Bulbs