Cool DIY Video : How to build a Window Attached Solar heater that gives “FREE HEAT” all winter and acts as Solar Oven as Well !

In this video we will show you how to build a solar cube that doubles as both a window box solar heater and a sun oven. The materials you need for this project are Greenhouse solar panels – You will use these solar panels to create a greenhouse cube that will let sunlight and heat in.Sunshade – Find a sunshade with a reflective side you can use to reflect the sunlight.Black Spray Paint – You will use a black paint to spray one side of the sunshade black.Thermometer – Use the thermometer to gauge the temperature inside the cube..Oven Rack – Use the rack to allow the heated air to flow underneath the pot as you are cooking.Plywood – You can use plywood or another material to use as a base.Hinges, Screws, Screw Gun – You will use these items to secure the cube together.

This is a great multipurpose solution for anyone that wants to stay off the grid with both their cooking and heating. As long as you have a good location to place it in, you should be able to use it to reduce your energy bill significantly.


Watch Window Box Solar Heater build video