Cool DIY Video : How to build Crystal Power cells that can power motors,LED’s,Fans etc.. Step by Step Build Instructions..


    This video shows the complete step by step build process of a single crystal power cell.A Set 10 Cell setup can give you about 15V.The required materials for this project are Solid magnesium rod.Aluminum can also be used but will give a lower voltage,Copper pipe cap, salt substitute(Potassium chloride),alum(Hydrated potassium aluminium sulfate),20 mule team Borax(Sodium tetraborate),epsom salt(Magnesium sulfate),32-Inch Magnesium Water Heater Anode Rod which you can get from Amazon.A test run of the cells powering a 12V Fan is also shown along with an alternate construction method video .

    Watch this Video on building Crystal Power Cells Step by Step powering motor,fan,leds