Cool DIY Video : How to convert your Old broken Electric Stove into a clean burn,highly efficient Wood Burning Stove for under $10


    Upcycling a electric stove into a wood burning stove couldnt be easier or cheaper! I turned this old broken oven into a wood stove in about an hour with minimal tooling and the only extra was a piece of 150mm enamelled pipe that was lying around. Total actual cost was zero apart from the usual electric and wear and tear on tools and bits. A much safer build than a pot belly stove made from a propane tank.Tools you’ll need to complete this project are Doom hammer,Drill with a large bit,Electric grinder.I ran it all day on the second day, very clean burn,highly efficient and kept the kettle hot all day so I could have cups of tea and coffee whenever I wanted. Ideal as an incinerator for wood, junk mail and any other carbon neutral source. This is an ideal build for your garden, allotment.

    Watch the DIY Wood burning stove Build Video