DIY Video : How to drill your own Water Well using a DIY Mud Pump and a Portable Mud Pit

This video shows a DIY Mud Pump Water Well Drilling Setup utilizing a Portable Mud pit. A typical mud pump will put out 100 gallons per minute whereas two hoses are only good for about 12 to 15 gallons per minute.

A mud pump allows you to employ a re-circulating system so you can use bentonite or other gelling material that will solidify the sandy, crumbly walls of your borehole long enough you can drill without worrying about your hole collapsing on your drill pipe.

The essential elements or materials mandatory for the construction of a water well are as A Guide tube, which is an essential element of the mud pit. It guides the cuttings into the mud pit. Both vertical and horizontal guide tubes are required, which will be joined by a T-section,A delicate and efficient mud pump,Lots of hosepipes for carrying the water,A tub of Gasoline,A portable mud pit,Fittings for the waterline,Several 2 inch PVC pipes and 2 inch couplings,A drill pipe and a drill head, which attaches to the top of the drill pipe.An electric screwdriver,• PVC primer and cement,Metal drill bit.

Steps mentioned in the video :

Before we start drilling we must cut the guide tube into the ground. Here we will work the guide tube into the ground using water from a hosepipe, which evacuates cuttings. This step might get a bit tedious and time consuming.Attach the T-section into the vertical guide tube and attach the horizontal guide tube, which will direct the cuttings into the mud pit.

Install the fittings for the section hose and for the water supply line. The fittings for the water supply must be equipped with a valve for turning the water supply ON and OFF.Fill the portable mud pit with water.Provide a screen or mesh in the mud pit, which will prevent large rocks and cuttings from re-circulating.Connect the mud pit to the mud pump with a section hosepipe.

Attach a handle to the drill pipe and put the drill pipe through the vertical guide tube.Connect the water supply line to the drill head.Start the pump and get the water flowing.The drilling fluid is thus, drilled down the drill pipe and it carries the cuttings from the bottom to the top, which gets directed to the portable mud pit.

The green section hose pulls the drilling fluid to the mud pump.It is then pumped through the yellow colored supply hosepipe to the top of the drill pipe thus, beginning the process all over again.13. The cuttings settle at the bottom of the mud pit and are later shoveled out.PVC pipes are attached to the drill pipe using primer and glue.
When you stop drilling for the day make sure to pull the drill pipe out.

Watch the Mud Pump Water Well Drilling Setup Video