Cool DIY Video : How to make a really cheap ,efficient , environmentally safe and powerful Supercapacitor at Home using simple materials


    Supercapacitors, also known as ultracapacitors, are able to hold hundreds of times the amount of electrical charge as standard capacitors, and are therefore suitable as a replacement for electrochemical batteries in many industrial and commercial applications.This Video shows the build of a DIY Graphene Titanium Dioxide Super Capacitor at home.Here we use Aluminium as the plates or you could improve this by using activated carbon instead.The electrolyte we use is an acid or an alkaline liquid of various types.We use is Titanium Dioxide as dielectric, the thinner the film the better.The carrier is acrylic latex (water based) because the micelle formation creates a continuous phase formation of the cured coating.The titanium dioxide provides the current(And current holding) for the system. The graphene provides the conduit for the power , and to a less extent the current holding ability, of the system.

    Watch the DIY Homemade Graphene Supercapacitor Build Videos