Cool DIY Video : How to make a Simple Homemade Wimshurst Machine using Old CDs . Step by Step Build Instructions !


    This Video shows How to make a simple Wimshurst machine from parts that you found around the house, including CDs for the disks, cardboard pulleys, shoelace for the belts, a coat hanger for the neutralizer bars and a CD case and aluminum foil for the capacitor or Leyden jar.A Wimshurst machine is an electrostatic machine that produces a high voltage and sparks using electrostatic induction.A Wimshurst machine consists out of two parallel, counter rotating discs with metal strips. The strips pass under so called ‘neutralizer’ rod which do the separating out of the charges on the strips and the strips also pass under combs which harvest the accumulated charge on the strips.

    Watch this DIY video on making a Simple version of a Wimshurst Machine using easily available materials