DIY Video: How to build an Amazing Solar Powered ,Fully automated, Completely self contained Water Garden on Wheels . Grow nearly any plant, anywhere, anytime of year all year


This video series shows the step by step build of a solar powered, automated, hydroponic water garden that’s on wheels! You can build a basic system for less then $200 ¬†and feed you and your family the freshest, healthiest vegetables possible. No unknowns as you grew the plants. This system can be configured to grow nearly any plant, anywhere, anytime of year all year! Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables you name it. This system will grow it. Made of heavy duty PVC, repairs, upgrades or experiments are easy and inexpensive to implement.Nearly all parts can be purchased at the local hardware store and can be built in 6 hours or less.

Watch the DIY Homemade Automated Solar Powered Hydroponic Garden Build series