DIY Video: How to build an awesome Waste Veg Oil or Engine/Motor oil fired Homemade Foundry Furnace from start to finish.


This 12 part video series shows the step by step build of an awesome looking Homemade Foundry furnace .This burner will burn pretty much any kind of oil that you throw at it. A lot of people burn waste oil – both motor oil and vegetable oil. The build begins with fabricating a steel base to build the furnace on out of channel iron and then move on to mixing some refractory and lay down the base of the furnace.After that we work on getting all of the forms built and ready for pouring the main refractory lining of the furnace and then install the hinge to allow the lid of the furnace to be swung out of the way to grant access to remove the crucible from the furnace.The last few videos shows the design and build of the burner used for the foundry furnace and insulating the furnace with a ceramic blanket.

Watch the DIY Waste Veg/Engine Oil powered foundry furnace build