DIY Video : How to build your own Backyward Kinetic Wood Splitter at Home and save money.Easy and fastest way to process Wood…


Getting ready for winter can be a big chore, especially if you chop your own wood for heat and fireplace esthetics.A Wood splitter can make the task a lot quicker and easier. Plus, you can save some serious cash by building a new one for yourself.This kinetic log splitter use a hefty flywheel system that stores energy from the engine in spinning flywheels, releasing it in one burst to pop through logs with record speed. No waiting for the ram to slowly press its way through a log, and then painstakingly retract itself.This build  can split logs up to three feet long. Much faster than a hydraulic splitter but it does not have as much power for splitting extremely knotty, tough or cross grain wood.Added benefits are less maintenance, less mess, and less backstrain!

Watch the DIY Homemade  Kinetic Wood Splitter Build Video