DIY Video : How to build an Awesome Multi Use PVC Survival Water Filter for Emergency/SHTF . Super Strong, Lightweight and Portable

This video shows the build of a Homemade Water Filter! The “Compression Coupler” Water Filter.This is great for everyday use and is ideal to have when hiking/camping or when in a SHTF/Emergency situation.The materials required for this build are PVC Compression Coupling, window screen and activated carbon.The activated carbon filtration clears water of all bad tastes and odors and is 99.999% effective at removing dirt, silt, sediment, chlorine, VOC’s and over 200 common disease/cancer causing water contaminants.This is also excellent for purifying rain (or tap) water.if purifying a stagnant water source (lake/pond water) boil a couple minutes after filtering to remove any remaining biological impurities

When you use this water filter, it works both ways. It does not have a top or bottom. It will filter water just the same whether you pour it in from either side. This is a very easy way to make a device that is great to carry around with you as an emergency tool. If you are a hiker or an adventure, this is a must-have tool. You never know when you are going to need it. When you do need it, it could potentially save your life.

Watch the homemade PVC Compression Coupler Survival Water Filter Build