How to build an Inexpensive Geothermal Air Conditioning System to Cool your Home using an Old Car Radiator ,Solar Panel.

This video series shows you how to make a geothermal cooling system to cool your home with the Earths natural cool temperature.10–15 feet underground, the temperature remains between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is true regardless of the weather above ground.The geothermal unit siphons heat from inside and vents it into the water or refrigerant in the loop. The cool temperature underground then lowers the temperature of the liquid back to 55 degrees.This cooler temperature can be used to cool your home efficiently .This build uses an old car radiator to circulate the air using a Solar Panel.

The materials you need for this build are Thermometer – You can use the thermometer to check if your homemade air-conditioning system is working.Radiator Fan – The radiator fan will spin to blow the air through it.Radiator – Used to cool the air as it runs.Solar Panel – This will be used to power your radiator fan and cool the air.Water Hoses – These will be used to push water in and out of the radiator as it runs.


Watch the DIY  Homemade cheap Geothermal Cooling System using Car Radiator and Solar