How to build an Inexpensive Geothermal Air Conditioning System to Cool your Home using an Old Car Radiator ,Solar Panel.

This video series shows you how to make a geothermal cooling system to cool your home with the Earths natural cool temperature.10–15 feet underground, the temperature remains between 55 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This is true regardless of the weather above ground.

The geothermal unit siphons heat from inside and vents it into the water or refrigerant in the loop. The cool temperature underground then lowers the temperature of the liquid back to 55 degrees.This cooler temperature can be used to cool your home efficiently .This build uses an old car radiator to circulate the air using a Solar Panel.

The materials you need for this build are Thermometer – You can use the thermometer to check if your homemade air-conditioning system is working.Radiator Fan – The radiator fan will spin to blow the air through it.Radiator – Used to cool the air as it runs.Solar Panel – This will be used to power your radiator fan and cool the air.Water Hoses – These will be used to push water in and out of the radiator as it runs.

The steps mentioned in the Videos :

The first step in making your own solar powered air conditioner is to set up your solar panel. Find a spot that will receive a lot of sunlight. Angle your solar panel so that it matches the same angle that the sun is at when it is at its brightest. This will maximize the amount of sunlight that your solar panel receives, thus maximizing the amount of energy it can generate. You can use multiple solar panels to power your AC unit if needed.

Next, mount the fan on the radiator. If they are not designed to fit together, you can build a simple wooden frame and secure them in place. The radiator will cool the water and the fan will push the hot air through the cool pipes, creating the air-conditioned effect.

When the solar panel is set up and the radiator and fan are together, run the wiring from the solar panel to the radiator. The solar panel will kick on when the sun is shining bright, exactly the moment when you need your air-conditioner to work best. This is why this type of setup is so effective. The brighter it is, the better it works.

Run your water line through the radiator so that it can begin cooling it down. The water will flow out the other end of the radiator. It should come out as hot water as it flows out. This is how you know it is working. The water absorbs the heat, taking it from the air. This process creates the cooling effect that we feel when it blows the air out through the radiator.

This is a great system that works best when you need it the most. Since you only need the air-conditioning to run during the daytime, you do not need to use a battery for this system. It will only run when the sun is shining and it is hot out.

Watch the DIY  Homemade cheap Geothermal Cooling System using Car Radiator and Solar