DIY Video : How to build a Simple Homemade Alaskan Chainsaw Mill from scratch… Complete Step by step build Instructions


Whether you have timber of your own or have access to timber, milling it into lumber can be practical, affordable, fun and fulfilling. There is a growing number of methods to mill your own lumber, beams, cants and posts.This video series shows the build a DIY Alaskan Chainsaw mill from start to finish.The main advantages of building a DIY mill is that it requires much less time and money to build a chainsaw mill,They are far more mobile than a bandsaw. This means you can take your sawmill to the fallen tree almost anywhere, plank up and carry out ,They can be used on odd shaped timber – curved logs and ones with other funky non-conforming features can be planked more easily.

Watch the DIY homemade  Alaskan Chainsaw mill build Video series