How to build a Homemade Double Barrel Garage Heater out of Old Water Tanks .Efficient,clean burn and cheap!

Having some extra heat in your work place is great, specially if you have some left over wood to burn.These videos shows the build of a Homemade Double Barrel Heater for your garage.He we use two Old Electric Water Heater tanks.The tank on the top acts as secondary Heat exchanger unit.

The basic components required for this build are Two barrels,Legs or supports,Jigsaw,Driller,Pipe screws.This is really an affordable alternative for economical heat in your shop during the winter time.Great way to repurpose Old Water tanks sitting out there and make a really useful Barrel Heater out of it.

The basic steps mentioned in the video :

At first, make the parts ready and ensure that you’ve all the things, needed to do the project. At the top portion of your barrel, there is a need of a door. If you’re satisfied with the position of this door, you may make use of a sharpie in order to find out the holes of barrels. Then, unlock the door to look at the interior part of the opening of every door.

Each door opening includes an internal lip, which projects out of your barrel. Besides, you require some extra part in order to put up this lip.Apply your driller for making holes on the surface of your barrel. It is the point, where you may begin the cutting process with a jigsaw.Make the gaps for every door part and then ensure that the frame of your door has been fitted properly. While it has not fitted properly, you may expand these openings.

You can use some masking strip for taping each edge of opening in order that you don’t have cut, while accessing the internal side of barrel.On your flat ground, you have to place the barrels. Raise one of its ends and position the legs beneath it. Do these steps again for the other legs. Then, gauge the dimension from one end of the barrel to external border of every leg. It makes sure that all these legs have the same distance among them. Place your barrels on those legs in order that base of the door remains in proper level, while you look at them from front portion.

Erect the barrel and fit chimney collar using a damper. Expand the hole at mid-section. Drill all holes, according to your marking. Place a support at the back of your barrel, but it should not block the pipe.Let one of the barrels be upturned and while you have done it, you can mark the holes. Drill holes at inner side.Attach supports with screws. You may move your barrel stove outdoor for getting air.

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