DIY Video : How to build a Homemade Gravity fed ,Drip Waste Oil Heater for your Garage . Really Efficient…..Good heat.

This video shows the build of a gravity fed, drip waste oil burner .This is the one of the simplest design for maximum heat and flexibility .The concept behind this burner is that Oil does not burn, but the fumes it gives off when the oil is boiling.

The deeper the pan the harder is it to maintain an efficient boil.A cast iron pan maintains the higher temperature the best and does not threaten to burn through.The secondary holes in the vertical pipe are where the actual burn is occurring.

The materials needed for this build are Air compressor tank,Pan that has been burnt for about one and half hour,Oil, like motor oil,Flamer,Chimney pipe (with length of about ten feet).This setup creates a lot of carbon in and around the burning chamber, but does not smoke at all.It will run about 400-500 degree Celsius (at the base) at under or up-to 1L per hour.

The basic steps mentioned in the video :

Take your burnt pan and some kind of paper pieces. Pour a little amount of waste oil into it.Take the flamer to lit fire on the pan and insert the system at the base of your tank.Before doing it, you have to make one hole at the bottom part of your tank, which may be the base of your heating system.Set the lid of primary burner. The secondary one is to be at the base of your tank.

You may use the frame of the bed to use it as legs of primary burner.In case of this primary burner, you may make use of an oven of almost ten inches. On the other hand, for your secondary heater or burner, you may utilize a metal tube with diameter of almost six inches.

Make 2 rows of holes at the midsection, and it should be present at the lower part of your pipe. At the upper portion, there must be 1 row. While making secondary holes, you have to be careful to ensure that oil is not getting splattered.

Place one damper in the chimney duct for a proper control over the temperature and rate of burning.After you have set up the system and activated it, you may hear a sizzling sound because of the contact of oil and water.



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