DIY Video : How to build a Homemade Mini Hydrogen Generator / Water to fuel Generator from simple Household items

This video shows you how to build a Mini Hydrogen Generator / Water to fuel Generator using materials that is easily available around your house.This is achieved by Electrolysis which is an electro-chemical process whereby which hydrogen and oxygen are disassociated from water.By means of electrical influence using simple water one can get gas, and gather in into a special container and use this gas (hydrogen) for power supply of engines or other appliances.It is preferred not to use salt as electrolyte it will release chlorine gas.You can use sodium hydroxide, which can be bought as a “drain opener” at lowes or home depot, you could probably use any type of hydroxide though.

The materials you need for this build areĀ One Glass Jar – With a hermetically sealed lid. A pickle jar is a good option for this,Plastic Bottle – We used an empty Gatorade bottle,2 IV Sets – We will use the hosing from these IV sets.Power Supply – Use a plug that has between 5 to 12 V and 10 A.Copper Wiring ,Plastic Ruler,Salt,Lighter – To ignite the hydrogen.Tools:Utility ,Soldering Iron.

,Watch the DIY HomemadeĀ Mini Hydrogen Generator Build Video