How to build a Homemade Multi Use Water Purifier that uses no electricity .Works as Water heater and stove burner too….

This video shows the build of a Homemade Water Purifier is extremely effective and super easy to make.The “2 Stage” design purifies almost all water sources to 99.999%. This Starts to produce clean/clear (super hot) water within 20 seconds! uses no electricity.By the end, you should be left with clean water that is completely safe to drink.Great to have in a SHTF/Emergency situation or for everyday use.This setup also doubles as a water heater and stove burner .You can cook on top of the coil at the same time the water is heating.

The materials you need for this build areĀ Cinderblocks And Bricks – Use these to elevate the water filters.Two Tin Cans – Use these to hold the water filter up and heat the water coil as it passes through.10 Foot Copper Pipe – The water will run through the pipe and come to a boil.Plastic Jar – This will collect the water after it has been purified.Empty 2 L Bottle – Used as a funnel for the unpurified water.Stone, Sand, and Activated Charcoal – Three stages for your filter.One Small Tin Cup – Used to hold alcohol.Alcohol – Ignite to heat up the water as it passes through

Watch the HomemadeĀ Multi Use Water Purifier Build