How to build your Own Personal Wearable Air Conditioner from simple items. Beat the heat on those summer days……

This video shows you how to build your own homemade personal air conditioner that you can wear around your back all day long. Keep Cool in the hot sun and play outside or in the shop longer and much more comfortable.What you need for this project are a length of 3 inch PVC pipe,pvc caps,a mascot fan .

This weird project really works great and is pretty easy to make and will allow you to cool yourself on those sticky and hot summer days just ahead.

The materials you’ll need for this project are : 3 Inch PVC Pipe – The PVC pipe will house the cooling system.Two 3 Inch PVC Caps – These caps will be placed on either end of the PVC pipe.Mascot Fan – This is a small fan that will be used to blow the cool air through the plastic tubing.Plastic Tubing – Cool air will be blown through the plastic tubing onto your face.Hot Glue Gun – The hot glue gun will be used to secure the tubing and fan to the PVC pipe.
Nylon Straps – The nylon straps will allow you to wear the device like a backpack.

The steps mentioned in the video :

In order to make your own wearable air conditioner, the first thing you should do is cut your PVC pipe. The pipe should be roughly 8 inches long. That should be large enough to hold your fan and the plastic tubing. Attach caps at either end of the plastic tubing. Take one cap and cut out a hole that is large enough to fit the opening of the fan. Create an airtight seal by applying hot glue to both ends of the opening. This will also keep the fan in place.

The fan will blow into the PVC pipe and cool air will be pushed through the other end of the plastic tubing. Take the other cap and create a hole large enough for the plastic tubing to fit through. This is where the cool air will be pushed through. Take the plastic tubing and drill holes approximately 2 inches apart. Make sure the holes are facing the same way on the tubing so that you can aim all of the holes to blow on your face. Create an airtight seal with the plastic tubing by using hot glue on both sides of the PVC cap.

Cut your tubing to your desired length and close the end of it with a stopper. By closing the end of the tubing, this will ensure that more air is pushed through the holes as opposed to escaping out of the end of it. Finally, attached nylon straps to the PVC pipe so that you can carry it around on your back like a backpack.

Once the device is ready, put a frozen water bottle in it. Turn the fan on and it will push the air throughout the tubing system. As the air is pushed past the frozen water bottle, it will cool it, creating the air-conditioned effect.

This is a great little device to walk around with during hot days. Aside from the fan requiring batteries, it doesn’t have any other energy requirements. Once the water bottle has melted, you can simply with a fresh one. It’s a great system that you can reuse over and over. You can also upgrade the system with a higher powered fan or a larger water bottle and holder.

Watch the DIY Personal Wearable Air Conditioner  Build Video