How to build your Own Personal Wearable Air Conditioner from simple items. Beat the heat on those summer days……

This video shows you how to build your own homemade personal air conditioner that you can wear around your back all day long. Keep Cool in the hot sun and play outside or in the shop longer and much more comfortable.What you need for this project are a length of 3 inch PVC pipe,pvc caps,a mascot fan .The materials you’ll need for this project are : 3 Inch PVC Pipe – The PVC pipe will house the cooling system.Two 3 Inch PVC Caps – These caps will be placed on either end of the PVC pipe.

Mascot Fan – This is a small fan that will be used to blow the cool air through the plastic tubing.Plastic Tubing – Cool air will be blown through the plastic tubing onto your face.Hot Glue Gun – The hot glue gun will be used to secure the tubing and fan to the PVC pipe.Nylon Straps – The nylon straps will allow you to wear the device like a backpack.


Watch the DIY Personal Wearable Air Conditioner  Build Video