DIY Video : How to build a Homemade Emergency Water Well Pump that requires no electricity .Get water out of a well anytime, anywhere

This video shows the build of a Well bucket or bailer bucket is used for getting water out of a well. IIf you use water from a well, this is a good tool to have on hand for emergency situations where your electric pump stops working. This water well pump will allow you to extract water manually, without the assistance of electricity. Putting together this pump is easy. You can do it for under $40 worth of materials. Electricity fails, and hand pumps break, but a bailer bucket always draws water.Knowing how to build a bailer bucket/pump can help sustain you and your family in an emergency crisis.

The essential materials required for this build are 4 Inch PVC Tube – Roughly 30 inches long,4 Inch PVC – Fits on the bottom end of the PVC pipe,Long Rope – The rope will be used to lower and raise the device into the well
Two 1 Inch Electric Conduit Nuts,Four 1/4 Inch Nuts,1 Inch Nipple Screws,4 ½ Inch x ¼ Inch Carriage Bolt,Foot Valve
Two Rubber Gaskets.

Watch the DIY homemade Emergency  PVC Well Bucket  build