DIY Video : How to build an Inexpensive Survival Water Purifier that requires no electricity… Only uses the power of Sun. Step by step Video Instructions..

    Water Purifier

    This video series shows step by step on how to build a simple Solar powered Water Distiller/Purifier that requires no electricity.This is powered directly by the Sun. The sun is allowed into and trapped in the Still. The high temperatures produced destroy all pathogens. The water evaporates, and in this process, only pure water vapor rises in the Still, only to condense on the glass. The glass is sloped to the south, and the condensed water runs down the glass and is collected in a trough. The water is allowed out of the collector through silicone tubing, and is collected in 5 gallon glass jugs. There are no moving parts in the solar still, and only the sun’s energy is required for operation.

    Watch the Homemade Solar Powered Still Build Videos