DIY Video : How to build a simple Backyard Still and make your own Fuel at home .Step by step Video Instructions..


What if there were a fuel that was affordable, renewable, and produced right in your own backyard? If you’d lived 100 years ago, you would have known all about such a fuel.Energy independence is vital for the survivalist, homesteader, or just anyone sick of rising fuel costs. This video series goes from the ground up to show you how you can produce your own “renewable fuel” right at home to power your automobiles, lawn mower engines, generators and much more.The benefits of this fuel is that its a clear liquid that packs a lot of energy into a usable, storable, and transportable form,also this fuel is oxygenated, meaning it has oxygen in its molecular structure, which results in a cleaner burn. Compared to gasoline, this fuel emits about 20 percent less  hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide.

Watch the DIY Step by step Homemade Backyard Fuel Still Build series