How to build a Simple Backyard Water Filtration System from easily available materials .Step by step Video Instructions

This video shows step by step in detail the build of a simple backyard Water Filtration and purification System .This is a simple type of water purification system that uses sand, gravel, gravity and some simple engineering to purify water contaminated with biologics and some chemicals.As water flows through the filter, physical straining removes pathogens, iron, turbidity and manganese from drinking water. A shallow layer of water sits atop the sand and a biofilm. The biofilm contributes to the removal of pathogens due to predation and competition for food of non-harmful microorganisms contained in the biofilm and the harmful organisms in the water.Turn non-potable water into quality drinking water with this inexpensive Water filter.

The material you need for this build are Gravel and Sand – This will be used to help filter out the water and remove impurities from it. Purchase pool filter sand and two types of gravel: ¼” – ½” gravel, and 1/16” – ¼” gravel.Diffuser Plate – This will be used to separate the sand and gravel layers.PVC Pipe – This will be used to contain the filtering materials.Outflow Hose – This will be used to transfer filtered water out of the device.Buckets – You will need these buckets to rinse out the sand before using it.

Watch the DIY Homemade Bio-sand Water Filtration System Build