DIY Video : How to build a Simple Homemade Heat Exchanger for heating your house .No Electricity required and Inexpensive…..

This video shows the build of a redneck style off grid wood burning heat exchange we use to heat our house in the winter. It will keep your home warm without electricity, or using the furnace. The air comes in through the front, where there is a lot of spaces along the bottom of the barrel, then gets heated and rises through the duct in to the house.Here,the air from the house does not go into the exchanger, it only pushes warm air into the house.I just have a small fan in front of it in the house, and it seems to be moving the air very good. There is a good flow coming from the duct itself, not as strong as if I had a fan, but you can certainly feel the hot air moving.

The materials you need for this build are┬áSteel Barrel – This will act as your oven for your heat exchanger.Bricks – You will be using bricks to fill in the surrounding of the barrel and the outside of the tin box. The more bricks you have, the better.Tin Sheets – You will need at least six tin sheets for each side of your tin box.Plywood – You will use plywood to prevent cold air from entering your window.Barrel Door Kit – Use this to create the door in the front of your barrel.Dryer Vent – Allows the hot air to enter your home and keeps cold air out when you are not using your heat exchanger.Chimney Damper – Used at the base of the chimney.Stovepipes – Used for the chimney and to direct the heat into your home.

Watch the DIY Homemade Redneck Heat Exchanger Build