DIY Video :How to build a Simple Homemade PVC Wind Turbine Generator with Swivel Top .Produces electricity to run lights, charge batteries

This video series shows the build of a Mini Wind Turbine with Swivel Top.This produces electricity to run lights, charge batteries etc .The build made of PVC’s can withstands high winds.This can “direct wire” it to a light bulb (shown in video) or charge batteries to store power for later use. (for AC power use an AC inverter with battery).The basic materials needed for this project are An adapter,A union and a small PVC pipe,4-inch section PVC pipe,2 rectangles made of plastic with 1 foot length,Any small propeller, preferably one with three blades,Duct tape,A drilling machine.

Watch the DIY Mini Wind Turbine Generator using PVC’s build Videos