DIY Video: How to build a Simple Homemade Smoker from an Old File Cabinet


This video explains How to build a smoker or barbecue from a file cabinet with step by step video and instruction plus a really simple beginner recipe. If you want to build a smoker or barbecue then consider making one from a file cabinet. It takes only a few hours, minimum tools, it works great and it the whole thing can easily cost $20 – $40 if you don’t have to buy the tools or if you have a little creativity.The things you need for this build are A four drawer vertical file cabinet,2″x1″x16″ piece of wood x 15,chicken wire or 1/2″ hardware cloth,Reflectix Duct wrap insulation ,wire cutters,A corded drill,A 1″ wood drill bit,An old pot or pan or coffee can etc.

Watch the DIY HomemadeĀ Old Vertical File Cabinet converted Smoker Build