DIY Video : How to build a Simple Homemade Solar Pool Heater for around $80 using easily available materials


    This video shows the build of a simple solar pool heater for cheap using easily available materials.The heater is made of 2X4 construction and 3/4″ particle board for the box. The tubing is 500 feet of 1/2″ irrigation tubing which was purchased for less than $20.The overall cost of this project with the irrigation tubing, fittings, pvc pipe for diverter, valves, and wood for the stand was about $80.The diverter that I made here diverts some of the flow of pool water from the pool pump for both my solar heater and the wood burning heater.Compared to the cost of the solar heaters that you can purchase this project is a fraction of the cost with more surface area of tubing that can capture more heat energy.

    Watch the homemade Inexpensive Solar Pool Heater Build