DIY Video : How to build a Simple Homemade Water Distiller that turns dirty water/salt water into clean fresh pure water

This video shows the build of a “pure water” Water Distiller that easily turns dirty water/salt water etc… into clean fresh pure water. This produces lots of clean water fast. Made from close to 12 feet of copper tubing along with a few fittings (optional stainless steel tube shown as well). video contains full instructions on how to build it. Early testing shows it produces about a quart in 1.5 hrs (and half gallon in 2.5 hrs). note that i soldered on the copper fitting. If you don’t have a torch, they sell “push on” fittings that require no soldering. *if soldering, remember to use “lead-free” solder.The process is simple. It boils water and creates steam. The steam rises without bringing any of the impurities along with it. The steam travels through the coils and slowly cools and condenses. It finally condenses back to its liquid form and drips out as clean water.

The basic materials you need for this project are Stove – You will use a stove to heat up the unfiltered water. You can also use any other heat source that will be able to heat up your teakettle.Teakettle – Boil the unfiltered water with the teakettle.10 Feet of 1/2 Inch Copper Pipe – The steam will condense as it travels down the pipe.1 ½ Feet of ¾ Inch Copper Pipe – Collects the steam before it begins condensing.Rubber Connector – Creates an airtight seal between the teakettle and the copper tube.¾ Inch to ½ Inch Copper Adapter – Used to connect the two copper pipes together.

Watch the DIY Deluxe Pure Water Distiller build