DIY Video : How to build a Simple Solar Thermal Air Heater using Used Steel Rain Gutter Pipes . No Electricity or batteries required…


This video shows the step by step build of a The Steel Downspout Solar Air Heater.This easy to make, sustains hot temps (130-140F+) and has a 3 speed fan for extra temperature regulation.The collector is similar to a metal can solar heater but uses steel rain gutter “downspout pipe” instead. one advantage; makes it easy to add extra thermal mass down the downspouts to add significant thermal mass.The downspout used is pretty standard (2″ x 3″ and made of galvanized steel) and a 1 1/4″ hole saw was used to drill the inlet holes at bottom.┬áNo external batteries required, you just use a small solar panel. that way the fan kicks on when the sun is shining and heating the collector box (and off when it’s not).

Watch the DIY homemade easy to make Solar Thermal Air Heater build