DIY Video : How to turn an Old Beer Keg into an awesome Aluminium Foundry Furnace .Powered by Waste oil/Kerosene/propane


This video series shows the conversion process of an Old Beer Keg into a Aluminium Foundry Furnace.The series begins with the construction of the Oil Burner.So far, I have used peanut oil, vegetable oil, kerosene and diesel with great results! The next video shows prepping the keg before casting the refractory. It includes cutting the keg, adding fasteners to help hold the refractory as well as inner rings around the rim to add strength as well as a mechanical hold for the cast.The next one This video documents casting the base and lid. It includes making the form work, mixing the refractory, curing process and making the form to cast the inner chamber.The series ends with Forming the Tuyere and Casting the Bore ,removing the forms and curing the refractory. The curing schedule calls for a very slow first firing. This allows for all of the entrapped water to find its way out.

Watch the DIY Homemade Beer Keg Aluminium Casting furnace build series