DIY Video : How to generate Off grid Electricity all day from a river or stream by building a Simple Water Wheel Electric Generator

This video shows you step by step on how to build a Simple Water Wheel Electric Generator to generate power off the grid thereby save money on your electric bills.

Not only you will no longer dependent on the power grid, but you’ll have electricity when SHTF and more important: absolutely FREE. Unlike solar panels, a water wheel electric generator can produce electricity 24/7. If you have a river or a brook nearby you may consider building a water wheel electric generator to power your home.Materials needs for generating electricity with water wheel are Water wheel,Charge controller,Inverter.Pipes,System for measuring Volt or power.

Collect two major parts of your water wheel- one is the dynamo, while another one includes wheels. Make these parts at your home, though you may better buy a dynamo as it is hard to design.Set up a bigger wheel that is intended to hold water. Spin it to check.

Consider the materials and scale while making these wheels. You may construct the wheels from any lightweight material, such as, wood.You may make use of the bottom and top portion of barrel for building the wheels of electricity generator.


To turn out a high amount of electricity, you need to link the big wheel with the smaller one by applying a chain so that lots of rotations are possible. Take a coil generator, and the shaft of the wheel is to be connected with it.Take a four-volt battery and ensure that the wheel is running properly.Set up the charge controller and inverter and build up their connection.

Visit the nearby water source, such as, stream or river.The waterfall should be of minimum three feet, and water must flow twenty gallons on every minute.Calculate flow simply by creating weir in the stream and determining the rate at which it fills a bucket.

Connect your pipe, which is to be much lengthy in order to reduce the possibility of friction for better flow.The insulation system should be placed at the outdoor area.The charge controller and 36 Volt battery are to be connected with wires.

The DIY water wheel is one of the most practical options, which may help you to get electricity easily. You do not need to depend on the power grid as the renewable source of electric energy is available with water wheel. In fact, water wheel, as an electricity producer, is better than solar panel because it is able to generate electricity all the twenty-four hours. So, get the benefits from your simple water wheel, built up by you.

Watch the DIY Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator Build Videos