DIY Video : Homemade Mosquito Trap for $5

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    The mosquito “attractant” is made with yeast and brown sugar (approx. 1/3 cup of dark brown sugar mixed with 1 cup of warm water). just add the mixture to the trap and turn on fan . Essentially the trap works by spreading carbon dioxide into the surrounding air (produced when yeast is mixed with sugar) – along with the sweet sugar scent. biting flies/mosquitoes are generally attracted to both. once they enter the trap they cannot fly properly due to the air turbulence created by the fan (mosquitoes cannot fly well in anything over a 1 mph breeze). most will either drown in the liquid, get sucked up through the fan and into the netting or will land and hold on. a further improvement could be the addition of some double sided sticky tape placed on the underside of the lid and around the top inner part of the container. note that i used a very small 12v computer cooling fan (most run on 6 to 12 volts). i run the fan using only a 6 to 9 volt power source – as a lower voltage typically decreases the speed of the fan. you want the fan to run pretty slow – just enough to disperse the “attractant” (carbon dioxide/sweet sugar mix). if fan is run too fast (or pushes too much air) the mosquitoes cannot get a ‘position fix’ on the traps location. no light source was used in the trap as light tends to attract the more beneficial insects

    Watch the DIY video on making a homemade Mosquito Trap